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That's a great question, thanks for asking it!

WeJustSocial works in your browser as a Chrome extension! We don’t ask for your credentials and you stay in control.

Here’s how it goes:

Does it work? 🌟

One of our core values is transparency, that's why we'd rather show you real graphs from our users.

Who will follow me?

By liking and following Instagrammers interested in your content, lots of them will come over to look at your content.

Out of those, some will end up following you! Your account will start growing everyday organically.

We’re strongly against the “fake followers” trend. Our AI-based filters them out. We only interact with real and organic IG accounts.

Speaking of; we’re proud of help our users reach some of the best IGAudit results in the industry.

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WeJustSocial‘s technology gets your IG in front of your relevant audience.

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You don't want to be following tons of people and we get that! That's why we take care of managing your ratio and optimizing it so that you get the best growth! 📈

Users around the 🌎

Here’s some of our awesome users. Feel free to visit their profiles (they have great content) and DM them about their experience.

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Art & Fitness

I’ve been using WeJustSocial for a couple of months and I’m very pleased 💕


Rap Group & Artists

Used for a months and we’ve seen a big increase in follow and likes!


Fitness & Calisthenics

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Beauty & Make-Up

A lot more people now see my account! My IG is growing with real followers!

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Next Steps recommendations

We want your Instagram to grow as fast as possible.

To help you do this, we’ll analyze your account and give you AI-generated Insights on what you should focus to improve, whether it’s better content, better captions or staying on top of your DM.

Coming soon

AI-Based filtering

Make sure your account doesn’t like an inapropriate picture.

We use Computer Vision to filter out negative pictures and language modeling to handle bad captions.

Coming soon

Real time charts

Access your real time charts of all the following data:

  • likes received
  • followers you have
  • comments received
  • account you’re following
  • likes given

and many more…

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Spring 2019 Top Performer 🏆
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